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Re: ueshiba and chinese martial arts

Shaun Ravens wrote:
Abe Sensei says many things that which unfortunately few people choose to listen. Much like O-Sensei, in that regard, I guess. In the case to which you are referring, he made the following comments to Stanley Pranin, of Aikido Journal. Interestingly enough, this was only released in the Japanese version of Aiki-News, so wasn't readily available to the masses until the (unfortunately rather unpolished) translation appeared on Matsuoka Sensei's Aikido Doshinokai Dojo website.
I'd note that Abe didn't meet Ueshiba until 1952, so the events he's referring to are one's that he's heard of or been told about, not ones that he experienced first-hand. People who were there at the time have had different things to say.

In any case, this issue has been covered in some detail in other threads, and Ron's right - there's been no substantive evidence revealed for a Chinese influence. There have also been a number of fairly convincing arguments for the other side, and negative testaments from such figures as Morihiro Saito and Kisshomaru Ueshiba.



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