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Jordan Steele
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Re: Your Diet And Its impact on your Aikido

I exercised and ate well before I took Aikido, but my sensei and the senior student are both personal trainers. Our dojo is very fit and health conscious which means better training. Nutrition is not nearly as important as exercise, but what and when you eat can improve daily performance dramatically. Generally a "meats and greens" diet with lots of water is the best way to go. It is a fact that what you eat and when you eat it has various effects. Steak and salad ten minutes before training and you are going to feel sluggish and heavy, but eat the same meal one hour or more before training and you will feel strong and solid. The average male can consume about 2400 calories per day. If you eat healthy food you'll have trouble eating more than that because meat and fruit and vegetables make you feel more full than junk food.
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