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Re: Mixed Styles

Irony wrote:
I'd just be wary of styles that borrow techniques from Aikido simply because kotegaeshi can break a wrist just as easily as throw a person.
I really like that point a lot, but you should be careful about describing the aims of Aikido in terms of attack and defence, because you can't. Every response to an attack you call defence can equally be described as attacking an opening your opponent has created.

The reason why there's not a lot of straightforward kicks and punches taught is more likely connected to O Senseis desire to distill things down to their root principles rather than a notion of leaving certain things out. In the start of the "Budo" training manual he says something about this, how each prinicple he teaches is the root of ten thousand techniques. I imagine that's a ballpark figure rather than precise, mind.
Bear in mind also that as you progress you'll find yourself concentrating entirely on your opponents centre, not on his limbs, even when you're manipulating those limbs.

I _think_.

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