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Re: Talking too much

If your Aikido instructor is being observant (my guess is that he isn't), he'll notice you getting a glazed over expression when he's going into the longer discussions. My instructor is known to be long winded, but he's learned that he can't do this too often or he starts boring his students. He's still training in his teaching technique, so he's constantly adjusting to what works and what doesn't.

On the issue of the students who talk during class, that's another problem. A little talking is normal, and often makes a dojo fun to come to. But, when during demonstrations, the students should remain quiet unless the instructor asks a question. That's the fault of the instructor not disciplining the students. If the instructor or senior students disciplined the students at the time, it will continue and get worse over time. At some point its going to get too disruptive to the class, and the instructor will have to come down hard and usually ends up looking like a hard-ass for doing it. Although my instructor is himself long-winded and chatty, he like to tell us to "Shut up and practice" during class.

-- Jim
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