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Re: Dousing with cold water: Who does it?

William Reed wrote:
From "Ki : A Road Anyone can Travel" pg 211...Drawn from Shinto rituals of purification, Sen Shin no Gyo (Training to Cleanse the Mind) involves dousing the body with several buckets of cold water first thing on arising. This is done year round, even in the dead of 247...Ueshiba (the founder) rose every morning at 4:00 A.M., doused his body with cold water, and then went outside to greet the morning sun, meditating before the Aiki Shrine for an hour and a half, feeling the communion of being in harmony with the universe...He would practice chinkon-kishin, a Shinto meditation technique for centering the mind and body, with gestures and invocations performed at sacred spots and shrines. He also practiced misogi, the ritual washing away of impurities with cold water, in streams and waterfalls.
There is Sen Shin tei Misogi Well at the Ki Society Headquarters in Japan, where people perform this misogi before sunrise.

You can also read about Shaun Ravens' Misogi Room on this website by clicking here. Shaun studied with Abe Sensei, who discussed misogi and aikido with the founder.

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