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Re: Dousing with cold water: Who does it?

Speaking of ice baths, here is a little piece from an article on the training the actors of the matrix had, it seems to apply.

"Ice bath

The actors were trained by martial arts expert Wo Ping, who was particularly proud of Moss' "scorpion kick" at the beginning of the film.

But the training was not without injury, with Moss breaking her leg and Fishburne damaging his wrist.

Jada Pinkett Smith, who is new to The Matrix films, said it did not take long for her to understand why she sometimes saw Reeves sitting in a bath of ice to reduce swelling in his joints.

"I looked at him like 'what are you doing that for?' and he said 'One day you'll know'," she said.

"And I swear, after I did my first fight scene and my legs felt like concrete boulders and every part of my body was aching, then I knew what that ice was for," she said. "

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