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Re: Dedication of Kamiza

[quote=Fred Little]don:
for my part, i feel fairly strongly that the use of ritual texts, ritual objects, and ritual practices drawn from differing cultural backgrounds is something about which one should be rather careful, both out of respect for the root tradition, and respect for whatever potentialities they are intended to make manifest, psychologically or otherwise.

by way of comparison, consider that one might have a kitchen that has been organized and maintained according to jewish dietary law, but without the appropriate involvement of a rabbi, it's still not kosher, and it's not right to say that it is kosher.

This is me being anal.
My kitchen is perfectly kosher, and no rabbi was involved. I merely follow the laws, rituals, suggestions, and traditions in setting it up.
Kosher is defined as fit or acceptable.
While many Shinto/Buddhist rituals may require supervision to be acceptable (kosher!) many in not most things do not require a rabbi.
Marriage, circumcision , personal food preparation etc.

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