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Larry John
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Re: What are you capable of doing?

As a retired military officer, I'd like to say I'm with Lynn, Ron and Chuck on this one, but the truth is I just don't know.

My job for many years was to be ready to kill millions of people, even destroy whole civilizations on a moment's notice, and to be ready (but hopefully not required) to die in the doing. I believed I was ready to do so, and would have tried my best to do it if the balloon ever went up but, thankfully, I never had to.

By the time of the First Gulf War, I had already "graduated" to a headquarters job, and so did not even have the opportunity to see if I was capable of killing or injuring thousands, hundreds or even a single person. Like almost anyone who's trained to do a thing all his life but never got to do it, a part of me was put out that I was missing the opportunity to prove I could play in the big game for real--to release live weapons on living people.

I started training in aikido a bit over three years ago, and can now conclusively state that, martial daydreams aside, I know that I could "pull the trigger" on someone, I just don't if I would ...

...and I don't want to know.

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