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Re: What are you capable of doing?

If "this" happens, I will do "that"...but if "that" happens, I will do "this"

I question if any of us were to make that decision now....and the "this/that" were to happen in a day/month/year that the decision we made so long ago would come into play at all. If we make a decision now to react a certain way.....and the event happens....would we waste time remembering our decision...and then act accordingly?

I think that the fight/flight instinct kicks in....Sure....we have been training in a martial art. And some of us will be able to effectively use that training...others of us will not be able to. That is one reason we train. But...we do not train now so we can make a decision now on how we would react in the future......just my opinion....

for me personally.....I would run like hell in the other direction!!! and pray my attacker is real slow as I turn 50 in a week or so!!!!
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