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Dario Rosati
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Re: Talking too much

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
You , italians, simply cant stop talking. I saw a video of en Italian instructor, 7 th dan. He talked all time, 2 hours, not only while explaining techniques, but also during practice itself.
It was horrible. So much noise. I couldn't hear me thinking
We are very "talky" people by nature and this reflects in Aikido, too
My sensei is talky, too... he loves to explain every bit of every tecnique he shows and I like him this way... but not during practice (even if he sometimes stops pairs practicing incorrectly and show/explain what and why is wrong).

Generally in my dojo the thing never degenerates in "noise" on the mat, only a question now and then to sensei or to sempai... and I think this fit perfectly from a didactical standpoint, 100% silence is damn booooring... and you learn slower, IMHO.

Even a simple "Ehi, are you feeling something THIS or THAT way, or are you just tossing yourself around to look cool?" may help us beginners.


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