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Re: Aikido in the International World Games

As I understand it the separation of the two organisations allows a certain amount of flexibility for Aikido associations.

For example my association is a member of the Aikikia Foundation (i.e. Hombu Dojo) but not the International Aikido Federation, as the other Aikikia recognised body is. Under IAF statutes only one association per country is recognised by the IAF, but the Aikikai recognise any number according to their own discretion.

From memory the Aikikia received an invitation to demonstrate at the World Games some time in the 1980's and I remeber there was a lot of opposition to accepting it at the time. I think it waqs eventually accepted simply to publicise Aikido, and the Aikikai is an associate member of the GAISF who run the World Games.

As I say the details might not be entirely accurate but I think the gist is about right.

As ever I'm sure someone knows the story in its entirety.
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