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Re: Wearing Hakama

Ian Hurst wrote:
While this may be true for your style Bryan, I can assure you this is not a cast-iron rule universally applied across all styles of aikido. Interestingly enough, lifting your feet does wonders for your aikido when you're outside and the terrain is more random.
Actually I'm a typical Aikido hypocrite here , I often fail to adhere myself, although I am working on it. You are correct, it's not a cast iron rule. I do do exercises that specifically involve standing on one foot occasionally, but when I was in Japan, Sensei in three diifferent dojo's used to reprimand me for lifting my feet when moving (and they taught exercises standing on one foot too .

Like a lot of things in Aikido, there are correct ways, and not correct ways, until the time when the not correct way is the correct way



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