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Mark Bilson
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Re: How to reconcile?

Completely agree with everything you say. I would just like to add a few comments about my own experience in this unbelievable place.

If you are able to connect with your partner before physical contact, during contact and then after without any thought of attack or defence or me and you in any shape at all Aiki can occur.

Furthermore, if your mind is in a state of Mushin you will feel a connection to a calm, serene place with an essence of love.

This essence will then create technique for you without you being aware of what you are doing. if you maintain this "state of being" then you can continue in one long sequence of attack and defence without losing your connection to the essence of who you are.

However, because you are functioning from "a different place" it will appear "fake" to people who observe because you are functioning from a completely different level of consciousness.
This is because you have transcended the whole physical nature of reality and are functioning from a spiritual plane of "oneness". In this state of harmony a "void/vacuum opens up during your spiralled movement and you partner is led into this void that has "appeared". You partner is "not thrown" but rather "falls into it". In this place there is "no attack nor defence" as the attack never reaches its intended target as it is interrupted by the connection. It is way beyond the realm of fighting. Most people, even Aikidoka, expect to see conflict, tension, struggle etc and if they do not they will label it as "fake".

Your body is completely natural without any tension or readiness, it is the same as if you were walking down by the river and enjoying the view. You will then be able to "walk" through conflict without the slightest concern because in this place "you are not doing it" as you have transcended your ego. This is what I believe O'Sensei declares when he says, "whoever attacks me attacks the universe itself".

From this place of Aiki it is impossible for someone to copy as each "technique" comes into existence in the moment. This is Takemusu Aiki as you are not doing it with your conscious mind.

However if you lose Mushin and engage for a split second you lose your connection and are straight back into the "physical realms". This then becomes purifying for you because you cannot think about any negative thought about your partner because to do so severs the connection.

The feeling that is generated by this when in this state of being is "joy", you will have a beaming smile on your face and your partner will say that, "that makes me feel really good". This is because for a short period of time they feel connected to you and also in a smaller sense feel this "oneness".

In this realm attack, defence, martial spirit, muscle power are all meaningless.........they are all in the "Haku" realm and not in the realm of "Kon". Real Aikido functions soley from the realm of Kon.

This however creates a problem in the Dojo because students who are training will try and "mimic" what they saw which was created in the moment from the spirit and try and duplicate it, as it was perceived from the realm of haku. Then you find that you then have "nothing to teach" as every time you demonstrate something it cannot be duplicated. This is another reason why I believe O'Sensei did not bother to give explanations of technique but rather spoke of the spiritual nature of what he was doing. No point talking about physical technique when you are only aware of what had just occurred after it was over

I am aware that a post of this nature is wide open for ridicule by people who have not experienced anything like what I am talking about.


Mark Bilson
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