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Re: Aikido3D

Huh. That's a rather large and demanding animation task. Or a long and technically difficult mocap session. I assume they will be using some more-or-less-generally-accepted "standard" aikido such as what doshu demonstrates?
To answer some of these questions.

I got to talk with the head of the project.

The animation was first done with a few weeks of motion capture. However some of the more complicated animation (fingers for example) were done frame by frame.

The animation package used was Maya (4.5 ?)
The animation was then exprted into a format read by an engine that was built in shockwave 3d.

From what the guy said, all you would need to run it is an 8 meg open GL video card, so it should be available to the majority of the computer community.

I asked him what the price range is and he said anywhere from 40 - 50$. (about the price of a video game when first released)

I also brought up the idea of having other arts in it. He said they were thinking about releasing an expansion that also had sword kata.

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