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Exclamation Aikido in the International World Games

Hey Folks,

I was recently browsing the US Jujutsu Federation Website and found a link to the International World Games. I checked out the link to get a feel for the rules of Jujutsu tournaments, only to find Aikido in the listing here .

It appears that there is Aikido "competition" at some level at the World Games. So I was wondering if anyone else knew about these games and what actually goes on at these Aikido events. My guess is that it takes the form of Enbu or demonstration.

This is very interesting though, because the official IWGA member that represents Aikido is the International Aikido Federation, members of which, must be recognised by the Aikikai hombu. This can be found on this site - - under "International Recognition". Which is interesting since Aikikai is not usually identified as "Sport Aikido."

If Aikido is already there, maybe the J.A.A. could become a member of the IWGA, allowing Tomiki's tanto shiai system to also be incorporated at some level (yeah right ). It's interesting though that the Aikikai Hombu has chosen to use the medium of an international sporting event to aid in spreading its popularity - given its whole "official" posture on "competition" and all .

What are your thoughts?


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