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Dousing with cold water: Who does it?

Hi all,

I was interested to read about how Morihei Ueshiba would douse himself with cold water regularly, even in the freezing winter of Hokkaido.

Are there any schools/branches of Aikido that do this as part of training? Or is it generally thought of as madness that is left up to the individual?

The reason I ask is that a good friend of mine in England teaches the Russian martial art of Systema. A couple of years ago he showed me their version of it which is apparently part of their health system. Basically it involves standing outside sans clothing (except for swimming trunks) and emptying a bucket of ice cold water over yourself!

I psyched myself up to give it a try and I found it to be a much better experience than what I had been dreading. Does wonders for headaches and stress and it is claimed it helps with fighting sicknesses as well.


Nick Hallale
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