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dan guthrie
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Re: Talking too much

My experience has been to keep my mouth shut and let sensei teach, whatever that leads to and however she wants to do it. I've opened my mouth on numerous occasions and I've almost always regretted it, sometimes deeply.
Silence is difficult for me. My parents taught me correctly but my work experience has sabotaged all of their good efforts.
One of the best things I've learned in the dojo is the importance of good manners. Aikido comes to me slowly this way but it does get to me eventually. I just have faith. It's never failed me in the past.
I got the giggles a few days ago. My partner is always on the verge of laughing and he got me going. I know it annoyed the substitute sensei we had that night. I wish I'd just sat down on the edge of the mat for a minute or two.
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