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Re: aikido and competition

I've had to delete my first attempt to explain the shoelace test after remembering this is a "family site"- basically a ki-test where you're testing whether, after you've dropped the soap, you're on posture while bending over to receive it. That's my best attempt at describing this abortion of a ki-test, needless to say we have lost students thanks to this one.... I like my teacher but boy does he try to make us look stoopid sometimes (and yes it does have a fancy Japanese name, but none of us ever learn it)

Peter, forgot about them - they're much nicer than those "optimised for broadband" monstrosities aren't they. I've yet to manage to download one of them in it's entirety.

Yann, sounds good, I've enjoyed being beaten by those canvas dildoes, I mean tanto in the past - I wonder if my cardio's up to it these days (getting in the old war wound excuses first ha!)
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