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Re: aikido and competition

Hi Bridget
Bridget Chung wrote:
I think it's wonderful that the style of aikido I do doesn't have competition.
Well at least you are not saying Competition in Aikido is evil.
Already doing karate means I get my quota of ego pummeling.
Ah she truly understands. Never did understand those that say competition develops egos. For the majority of us it keeps us in check.
One of the things with competition is that the techniques and training are only suitable for competition. I know some people (in karate) who, I'm not entirely sure, know the difference between "point scoring" techniques and "real" ones. Which is a worrying if they end up in a real life confrontation.
This clicks nicely with Devon's post just before yours where he said
The fact is: Some people train for sport, some people train for spiritual growth, and some people train the "Martial Way".
I don't think done right there is any need to be mutually exclusive. The benefits of shiai can cross over into spiritual growth, the martial way and real life confrontation. The key is attitude and balance. For example in Shodokan Aikido there is some restriction on techniques during shiai but those restricted techniques are practiced in kata and kata training predominates. The reason for shiai/randori is to develop certain attributes that kata training only can not provide. I would even go so far to say that your experience in karate competition is good for your Aikido even though the techniques in the most part are very different.

In addition to attitude and balance I think the choice of rules also has to bear some relation to all aspects of Budo. For example if light fluffy contact is enough to gain points then the usefulness of point sparring is questionable. Do the rules detract or add to all aspects of the training.

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