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Re: aikido and competition

I guess I look at these argument as null and void. You have people that train in Choy Lay Fut that can not use their techniques in a point sparring match. Heck, same goes for most Martial Arts. Kajukenbo's techniques are deadly as well. Im sure most of the arts praticed have strikes to the throat and areas of the body that will incapacitate a person, or locks and throws where a person can end up with broken or injured limbs.

The fact is: Some people train for sport, some people train for spiritual growth, and some people train the "Martial Way". You wouldnt ask a Green Beret or Navy Seal if they would compete in a point sparring match- just as you wouldnt ask a Buddhist Monk to compete with you. However, you may ask the nearest Olympic Tae Kwon Doist to compete in a match, or the nearest Submission Wrestler to hit the mat. Maybe some people out there should read, "Living the Martial Way" to get a better understanding of the differences in people actually train for, and what Martial means.

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