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Re: Article: Inside Every Gi by Paul Schweer

Paul, nice essay.

It is easy to fall into the trap of seeing the role, not the person, because *I* am in a hurry, *I* have a purpose and goal in the importance of the task I'm doing. One sees this on the road (uncivil drivers), in retail stores, etc. And I do include myself in it; I try not to walk around a bundle of infantile selfcenteredness, but at times when I'm in a rush or under selfimposed pressure, it does happen. A side of myself I am not happy to see.

Being on the mat, doing aikido, is a wonderful opportunity to practice being somebody else. Hopefully, slowing down, paying attention.
I suspect many of us have fallen into the trap on the mat from time to time: seeing the other as a role rather than as a person, and feeling thwarted when MY goal (why, to do the technique, of course!) is obstructed by the other.
One reason why being really outcome-fixated is not necessarily the path to good training! (besides the fact that if you are looking for the throw, you will probably miss the path to it...)

Personally, it's gotten rarer and rarer to fall into the trap on the mat. I'm hoping that slowly the muscle memory of this in-the-dojo training will carry over more into my out-of-the-dojo stuff...

Janet Rosen
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