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Re: Thoughts on NYAikikai Summer Camp04

I was there Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Ozeki Sensei's class was very good, it woke me up in seconds Doshu showed very precise and clear technique, with many repetitions during demonstration, and with helpful comments, that I'm sure were appreciated, especially by lower ranked students. Sugano Sensei concentrated on ma'ai and timing during his weapons class. I was deeply impressed by Tamura Sensei, both on and off the mat. I'm sure I'm not yet in a position to fully appreciate his teaching. Sugano Sensei's taijutsu classes were excellent, also with detailed explanations, emphasis on timing, ma'ai and entering. I especially enjoyed the part where he had everybody attack everybody to practice fast reaction to ushiro kubishime. Yamada Sensei's class was very good as well. It was sort of familiar, but nevertheless mat time well spent. I thought Fujimaki Sensei's style, both of technique and teaching, was similar to that of Doshu. The paired stretches he added at the end of the class were most appreciated.

The closing ceremony was very touching, especially when Yamada Sensei spoke of Kanai Sensei.

The mat space was excellent, and rarely did it feel too crowded to complete the technique. The only real problem I noticed was that the mats shifted during the day, forming rather large gaps. I don't know whether anybody got injured due to that, but it would be great if this problem could be solved somehow in the future.

The organization was good, although I would allow more time between breakfast and the next class, so that all the participants could finish their breakfast at least 1.5 hour before the next class. At least this is my preference, but maybe not everybody is so particular about this.

Overall - a great, and unfortunately rare, experience. I just wish I could've attended the whole week.

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