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Thoughts on NYAikikai Summer Camp04

I haven't read anything on Camp despite looking. I thought it was quite informative. Besides seeing and meeting Doshu which was great, I got to see Tamura Sensei and Osawa Sensei who I am big fans of.
I had seen Doshu on tape and THOUGHT his aikido was very clean. That was definitely confirmed in person! I thought Doshu was quite humble and comfortable despite the enormous responsibility he has.
I can't even describe how impressive it was to see Tamura Sensei graciously taking ukemi for everyone he could. I believe he is in his early 70's and the man did forward rolls the length of the tatami and back effortlessly.
I was only there for Thursdays training but I got to see my former instructors like Irv Faust Sensei (Albany) and Clyde Takeguchi Sensei (MD).
I also noticed a difference in the presence of Shibata Sensei. Though still very powerful he seemed to be somewhat playful. He still exudes that samurai presence though!
Anyone else have any thoughts on the event?
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