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Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Charles Hill said:
Would it be wrong for an Native American Aikido teacher (just for example) to ask his students to use Lakota (or whatever) equivilents
Heck no, IF teacher and students all understand Lakota ... and as long as he or she's not overlaying a veneer of Lakota philosophy along with the language.

We use English in the dojo for most things, my friend Gri and his collegues use Greek (it's where they live and their language), Andy (despite being a Yorkshireman) and his students use German and French (they're i Freiburg). We have to inject SOME of our language and ideas, but as long as the core is intact and we're not supplanting, but rather supplementing ... then I think it's OK.

I think it's important to know the Japanese reigi, terms, etc.

Saying 'four direction throw' sounds odd, is unwieldy and misses some nuances of 'shiho nage' to me. Kote gaeshi expreses the concept tightly and succicntly, in a way that 'wrist-return' misses.

that accurately conveyed what the Japanese words
Well, there's the question, isn't it? NObody today, I'll wager, can really interpret what Ueshiba babbled about (they might re-interpret what tey hear din their own terms, but he was a very, very odd man and, at least in private, many of his closest students and family members admit to being baffled.

I believe the message is in the movement. This is not atypical of Japanese budo. Tere's an enormous aount of information encoded in the basics, it take years to decode it.

And quite often, I beleive, talk just gets in the way (says the guy who reminds himself to shut up on the mat frequently).

intended? What if he/she expressed his/her understanding of Amenomurakumo-kukisamuhara-ryuu-ookami in terms of The Great Spirit?
CAN it be expressed in lakota, or Danish or Czech? Dunno. Maybe to some degree, but unless we have some small understanding of the culture and language of the original referent, we lose some of it ...

I pose these questions because I really don't know (although I have some ideas) and I'm interested in your or other's opinions.
So, what DO yo think?


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