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Jim Saba
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Re: Learning How to Learn Aikido(reply Saba )

Good Day ,

This is a good question.Dr. Drysdale and I have had this conversation in the past. You have the right idea, it is the ability to learn how to learn.

People learn in different ways. Some people learn by seeing. Others learn by feeling. Still, others learn by listening. I think that ultimately it is a combination of all three really;. although, some people do seem to have a predisposition to one or the other. People also have a predisposition to how well they learn technical information as apposed to just memorizing information.

I have heard some people claim that in order to learn a complex technical task, the frequencies are some where around 5000 times . I did some checking on this from a friend of mine who knows a bit about the research in this area, and he said that he did not know of any substantial data that support this hypothesis.

In reality , there probably is no magic number as that hypothesis suggests.

Probably the best approach is to try to teach at the level that your given for a particular group. The truth is you have to give a little to get a little.

In my classes, the majority of the time, I do not teach to a wide audience. Most, if not all of them , are composed of first year aikido students, so I am teaching pretty much to a one dimensional audience. Depending on the audience of course, I try to give something for everyone to ponder.I also try to make sure that environment is a relaxed one. I like for people to feel comfortable in class. I don't like instructors who talk at their audience. I also don't like those people who give off an air that says that their presents is so important that you should be glad that they decided to show up that day.

My main goal is to try to reach people on a personnel level, and I hope that they can take something out of my class that they can use in their daily lives in some way.

There are certain concerns to consider. One of them is can I hold people's attention long enough to get the point across. Another one is can I keep things interesting so that people will not get bored. Third, are people being motivated significantly to improve over the long term. And forth, is the information accurate and does it have validity


J Saba
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