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Mark Tennenhouse
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Re: Boxing type punches

To handle a boxers jab you need to train against this technique as well as against hooks. It's crucial to remember a certain principle in fighting..Defense first.. attack later..
I've done some boxing, wing chun and other arts in which the attacker used realistic and repeated striking attacks to the face and head. As most street fights and boxing attacks involve head strikes this is a very important situation to learn about. The safest way to handle the attack is by using a boxing defense to ride out the strikes until you get close enough to grab Uke's head and bicep; a tie up. From there you can work aikido. The defense is simple to use once you've practiced it a little. You crouch slightly forward and put both palms on your forehead with the elbows pointing forwards and the forearms covering the face. Never move your hands off the head because this leaves your arms loose allowing strikes to enter. This position is an extremely tight emergency position that expert boxers use when in trouble. it allows a fighter to survive both hooks and straight punches during repeated striking attempts. By twisting slightly side to side you can deflect straight punches. By sliding a hand all the way to the back of the head, you are able to use a boxers block to nullify heavy hook punches to the head. I have tapes showing how this is used in street fights and NHB matches by grapplers to survive boxing attacks. It works and doesn't require great skill, speed or training. The leg tackle requires you to lower your head too much. All of the arm grabbing tactics are extremely risky against striking attacks because missing means you'll be taking several more strikes and the arms are moving too fast to grab safely. I've tried both the tackle and and arm grabbing tactics with very very little luck. As sun tzu said..know the half your battles..know yourself win half..know 100%..
Sincerely..Mark T
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