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Re: Boxing type punches

It would be incredibly hard to deal with a boxer, but I think the best technique against a boxer is just a simple side kick or half kick to the leg. Sure it isnt necessarily true Aikido, but after I applied those atemi I would probably move in for an irimi nage. I'm actually planning on doing some boxing once I get a stronger base in Aikido. Also, I don't really plan on being able to go around the outside of a punch/jab. I find 9 times out of 10 that you should treat punches/jabs almost like a yokomenuchi strike and use triangular footwork to step inside the line of attack rather than around the outside. There are still a TON of Aikido techniques that can be done from this position. I even thinking if you did a kokyunage variation when you apply a half kick to his lower leg that it would work fairly well...because at that moment he would be off balance and if you are close enough youd be in a good position for it; almost like your tripping him with your leg like you would in judo.

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