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Re: Boxing type punches

Carl Rylander wrote:
What would you do against, short, jabbing, boxer type punches? I'm thinking of taking up Aikido, but I may do some boxing too so I can counter this. What would you do if you can't draw them in? Does Aikido have simple blocks?
Drive into him with ikkyo as he is putting up his guard (doesnt matter that you cant get his elbow up), continue applying pressure to his whole person and ride around his resistance with ikkyo ura or hiji-kime (sp?).

Do it in a fast and powerful way.

Against the boxer's punches, I would try to keep out of the way and apply a tecnique if I could grab one of his arms.
The complete uselessness of this approach becomes glaringly obvious when you actually get attacked by a boxer.
He's not some uke, he's an aware and mobile entity, here and now, which throws fakes and punches that cannot be caught.

Basically we move into the back and take his balance by his shoulders (sorry, don't remember what the technique's called, my english isn't good enough to explain it better).
You can't get behind a boxer unless you occupy him with something - hence the "driving into him with ikkyo" part.

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