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Re: Poll: Do you think people should receive ranking in aikido for reasons outside of their technical ability?

I am fine with giving grades partly based on other aspects than technical skill, such as attitude towards other people in the group, if they take good care of their uke, dedication, how much you show up to class, if you are doing your part of the job in maintaining the dojo or just showing up for the classes, degree of improvement rather than comparison with other people. I do not suggest rank should be handed out by these criteria only - not in aikido (I have no problem with what they do in Roppokai but think it would be too different from the rest of the aikido community if an aikido dojo tried to implement that). I do not like the idea that aikido would be some kind of school for moral improvement, and do not think grades should be based on judgement of my "personal development" whatever that is.

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