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Re: Nope

Alfred Blanco wrote:
Criteria other than that wich can be directly measuered and quantified is subject to the individual biases of the panelists. It wouldn't be that fair.
I agree with this, plus everything Ian Hurst and Chris Birke has said so far in this thread.

Oh and David Brannigan's quip sums it up elegantly:

There's more to respect in Aikido than just technical ability but without it the rest means little.
John Riggs wrote:
I'm sure a lot of O'Sensei's deshi are not as dynamic as they once were. It does not mean they don't have the knowlege or ability to impart it. So, we have to be careful how we define technical ability.
Gozo Shioda spoke of the kokyu power, which does not age with the rest of your body.

He mentioned that he had plenty of kokyu power even at his old age, and he also, while being old, did randori which is more energetic than what you see at most dojos today (there's video footage).

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