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Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Tim Rohr:
Regardless of the faith, the physical action is separate from whatever embodiment of meaning and ritual is brought to the movement.

Christopher Li:
I'm glad that you believe so - just realize that not everybody does.

My statement was not directed at those of a particular mind and simultaneously against any critical thought or information that might change their belief. Those sorts of people aren't interested in discussion, anyway; they're far more likely to make speeches or sermons - one sided conversations. I more address those people who are searching for an answer to this who might be ready to consider that, for example, there is a muscle-stretch position very similar to the seated bow. Should that stretch also not be performed because of the physical position the student gets into? Hardly. The difference is the mindset of the student. Does the physical position make the worship, or does the intention of the student make the worship?

Of course, there are other opinions, as you point out. I am guessing you did not understand the 'YMMV' at the end of my post, else I don't think you would have posted with such pithiness.

YMMV = 'your mileage may vary' ...a nod to the fact that others may hold other ideas.

It's a sad irony: In U's satori, he forgot every technique he ever knew; since then, generations of doka have spent their whole careers trying to remember.
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