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Re: Poll: Do you think people should receive ranking in aikido for reasons outside of their technical ability?

[quote=Ian Hurst]Question for the "non-technical" grading team - do you really feel you have the necessary enlightenment to be able to judge another human beings spiritual and moral abilities?[quote]
I'm not sure if I belong to "non-technical" grading team, but my answer is NO. Does my teacher feels that... I don't know. I think the whole ranking process in my dojo is not treated as a very important and so do I.

[quote=Ian Hurst]Now the grading of your techniques of aikido will take into account your calmness and manner in which you throw uke - but these are still the first stage mechanical bits and thus part of your physical technique.[quote]
I'm not sure about this. I think the way you treat your uke finally reflects in your every day life and make you treat people out of dojo in a similar way. Aikido is a good way to teach and reveal those things via physical movement. That's my subjective opinion.

[quote=Ian Hurst]I don't actually see a problem here with zanshin, mai or any of the other bits. I'm in a Ki assoc, we even test for ki! How, well it's strangely enough through the ability to pass physical tests...[quote]
Ok, if all these aspects are included in the "technical" part of Aikido, then I agree on testing people on their technical abilities, because to me these physical abilities are reflection of your internal state in the outside world.

That sounds too romantic, but that's my opinion.
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