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James Finley
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Third party scientific evidence...

No, I really can't provide any. They are just things I have experienced or seen others develop over time. I certainly wouldn't argue that everyone develops all of these to an equal extent in all cases.

I don't see it as "cult-like" when you make the same character evaluation when considering someone for promotion in Aikido as you would when writing an evaluation or Fitness Report for a junior in the military or when deciding whether to write a recommendation for someone to medical school. Maybe it is just the limitations of the Internet that is preventing me from making my point more clear. Oh well.

Yes, I realize that "martial art" is a blanket term used in the west, but I feel that it carries a lot of preconceptions (and misconceptions) that make it a less than ideal translation of the word "budo."

Please refrain from the hyperbole, Ian. I haven't claimed to be "righteous in my knowledge of what a man whom I've never met..." I merely stated in my first post that we need to determine what he intended. I further stated that "I am not at all convinced..." That is my opinion. Neither of these are definitive statements asserting what O'Sensei meant or didn't mean.

I think you and I have taken this about as far as is productive between us. In any case, I will be out of town for a few days and may be unable to reply right away if anyone else replies to my posts. James.

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