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Smile Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Principles, beliefs, are what most people base their lives upon. Such principles that we may have before entering Aikido are enhanced, providing we give those with them a chance to do so. Those without them, will surely develop their knowledge and ability around Aikido concepts and technical knowledge.

Aikido is based on philosophic considerations and technical ability, it is not simply physical exercise, surely !
Or possibly I have been around Aikido too long.

The mortar between the bricks of conceptual Aikido belief and technical ability is -

" Tolerance and Understanding "

If you are unable to show this strength of character, first it may have to be pointed out to you, before you can gain that strength or impowerment. Normally, through the opportunity to build that ability, you may be dependant on others to do so . We need to gain strength in all manner of ways. Similar to Ueshiba Morihei Osensei. In this you may wish to show your respect. How you do so, does it matter ? A bow in the Far east, a traditional response in showing respectfulness, and is also a martial technical self defensive responce . A bow is also utilised in the Middle east and all over the World. As far as I can tell.

A " dude " ( the term used by another writer on this thread ) who has a restricted ability in any way, needs to be taught by the strong, and patient, with the wisdom of Aikido, not pushed out, by the inconsiderate student or Instructor. Who has in that action shown their inept and lack of Aikido ability. One day you may need even the weakest person in your life to enable you. This is a very old concept and one that is still true.

Thank you for reading my reply.

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