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James Finley
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My posts address O'Sensei's views on Aikido (since he was, after all, the founder)...

No, I need not find my purpose in studying Aikido, we all need to find O'Sensei's purpose in creating it. If he designed it for one thing, it may or may not work terribly well for another purpose. A shovel is designed for a specific purpose. It works great for digging holes-it works less well for driving nails (although one can certainly attempt to drive nails with it if he is so inclined to do so, albeit with less efficiency than a hammer).

Finally, while I certainly don't consider O'Sensei a god, I have also never thought of him as a "second-hand guru in a skirt" either. Maybe a little less sarcasm is in order.

For the record, I am not at all convinced that O'Sensei created Aikido with the primary goal of developing fighting or self-defense ability in its exponents. I'm sure there are plenty who disagree and that's fine. We can disagree and still remain civil. James.

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