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Re: Poll: Do you think people should receive ranking in aikido for reasons outside of their technical ability?

I think we need to determine what Aikido's primary goal really is
No we don't, you just need to determine what your primary goal from aikido is.
Here's another thought worth chewing on
chewed it, but didn't like the taste - sorry, but I'm not playing the hypothetical uke game.

Question for the "non-technical" grading team - do you really feel you have the necessary enlightenment to be able to judge another human beings spiritual and moral abilities?

I freely admit that I don't and I hope that if I ever get to the point that my own hubris allows me to say I can judge other's character in such a way that I can grade them on it, I sincerely hope my cats smother me while I sleep.

I can only grade on technical ability in aikido. Now the grading of your techniques of aikido will take into account your calmness and manner in which you throw uke - but these are still the first stage mechanical bits and thus part of your physical technique. I don't actually see a problem here with zanshin, mai or any of the other bits. I'm in a Ki assoc, we even test for ki! How, well it's strangely enough through the ability to pass physical tests...

Now I don't actually care why anyone else practices aikido, whether it's for personal development or self-defense of just for a bit of a laff. However, I do find the idea that you should be graded in aikido on your morals by some second-hand guru in a skirt rather repugnant and I'm very pleased I've never been with that type of sensei.
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