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Re: i need help finding a book

Thanks for your help. I have considered those books, but I don't think that they are it. The one that fits the content the closest is the book by Dobson. I actually thought that that was it, but the cover doesn't match. Unfortunately, most of those I practiced with have moved on, so I don't think anyone from my dojo would remember...this was about 4-5 years ago.
From what I remember, each chapter went into lengthy discussions about the paralells between the physical practice of aikido and how it works for "everyday living". For example, in a situation where two people are butting heads, you could stay locked in that situation indefinately. But by doing a mental tenchi nagi (sorry for spelling?) the conflict can be resolved in a win win end. The book goes on with several examples and ways to practice this. I could swear the book cover was gray and had no people on it. Old edition? I also believe there were no or few pictures on the inside. It was a very straight forward and reflective book.
Thanx again! Peace,
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