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i need help finding a book

Hi! I'm new to this site, and I was not sure where exactly to post this thread. Since the topic of the book I am trying to find is the spiritual side of aikido, I thought I'd start here. Several years ago I taught begininng aikido to college students. I focused quite a bit on the everyday applications that reached far beyond the mat and I had a great book that illustrated how to take the principles of aikido into life- relationships, conflict resolution, etc... I lent that book to one of my students.... Anyway, as life is drawing me back to practice (I had to take time away due to my own schooling and jobs), I have thought of the wisdom in that book. I have had great difficulty however locating it! I have checked several websites, and none of the books listed look familiar, so I'm hoping someone can help me. When I had it, it was in paperback. The cover was gray, with some white, and if memory is serving me correctly, it may have had a sumi brushed circle on it. I thought it was called The Aikido Way, but I may be wrong since any of the other books by that titile do not match what I remember the book looking like. The main focus in the book was how to use aikido in dealing with others- such as when there is conflict, how to use the others energy into resolving the problem. The book I am describing sounds very similiar to many of the popular books out there, but like I stated before- I looked at many sites that had exhaustive lists of aikido books, but I did not seem to find this one. Perhaps I had an older edition, and that is why I am not recognizing it? If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. (the discription of the cover sounds a lot like G.Homma Sensei's "Aikido for Life", but that is not it...)
Thanks! Peace! Amy
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