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Anat Amitay
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Re: Blindly searching for the path of Aikido

Dear Sammy,
Well, you got the basic idea that it takes time and effort to get to your goals, but I hope here is just a bit of help for you on your way.
Aikido is an MA but also a way of life.
Try to change things in your everyday- don't get mad at people who think slower than you do or blurted a stupid remark, be more patient, learn to recieve criticizm and don't be anti about it, even if not all of it is true, and so on.
As for training-
you can do things like two- steps by yourself, streching for the joints, rolling.
If you learn weapons training as well (aikido weapons, not military!), you can train with them on your own as well.
The best thing will be if you find someone else that aikido might interest and get them to join you, then you can practice actual techniques that are impossible to do by yourself. Even if you do use tapes, try to get to a dojo from time to time, because feeling is the best way to learn what is really happening in a technique you see, and that cannot be passed by video.
In any case, enjoy training. I wish you lot's of luck on your path, and feel free to ask any questions you need.
Be careful in the army, and use it as another type of "teacher" because you can learn alot from it (this I say from personal experience).
Good luck! Enjoy yourself!
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