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Re: Blindly searching for the path of Aikido

Solo exercises are only a supplement and they do not enable you to learn Aikido on their own.
Find a training partner in the military, then. Aikido cannot be learned without a training partner (and an instructor, for that matter, although you can try to replace that with videos... if you dare).

Also please start being a little less romanticized. Everyone wants to be O Sensei.
Aikido is not a magical drug that transforms people.
Find a physical way to practice Aikido, do the real techniques, and don't try to float up in the air and summon a halo around your head - just yet.

There are many people out there who can "blend" with life and other people naturally without ever stepping into a dojo, and there are also Aikidoka who struggle with the concept.
Maybe it is the halo that's weighing them down.

I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but I do wish someone would have said this to me when I started.

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