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Freaky! Blindly searching for the path of Aikido

Hello Everyone,
I am a beginner. I would like to learn training techniques and meditative practices for when I am at home.
I am in the military, and cannot always make it to a dojo, sometimes for months at a time. So if someone would explain to me ways I can practice alone, I would greatly appreciate it.
I know this is possible, because I read that O'sensei would be alone for weeks at a time. What would he do to meditate and practice his techniques?
I am not looking to be a hero or anything. I just want to be peaceful within myself, so that I can share it with my fellowman(or woman).
I want to become one with the universe by developing my "ki"
I want to be so in tune to everything around me that I would never need a "feint" or "shoman" strike to unbalance my attacker.
I want to be able to enter and blend with an attacker so well that I do not even have to touch him to calm them down. Actually, I hope I blend enough so that I dont get attacked in the first place.
I hope someone will lead me in the right direction. I am not afraid to walk the path, I just need to know where the path is.

Thanks in advance for any help that is provided.
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