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... what are some of the goals people have for their Aikido?
Since I began to practice aikido I've seen a lot of changes in my daily life.

*. I dance salsa in a better way. It doesnt mean I do dance salsa, but I care less about how I dance, and I feel I move easier.

*. when somebody scream at me, or I am facing a dangerous situation, instead of screaming back or putting all my muscles ready to break a nose, I relax and smile.

*. I walk slower and have time to enjoy nature surrounding me.

*. And when I lived in Cuba I noticed that I was able to do a lot of things easier and faster. for instance, climbing the trucks used for public transportation or entering a bus with capacity for 80 people while 300 were trying to enter. (and no other buses in the next two hours)

*. Aikido also helped me a lot when I had to lead a group of teenagers in a summer camp, and they tought they were kind of power rangers using ninja techniques.

In general, with every thing I do, I feel there is an aiki way to accomplish the task.


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