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Re: Questions on Starting a New Dojo

I was given permission to start an affiliated dojo in 1998. At the time I didn't have a space to work out of and it varried drastically. From local colleges, for about 6 months, (which in my opinion required too much red tape) local parks, off and on for about 3 years (my preference though at the mercy of the weather) my apartment for 2 years (very small space 5X10ft). During all of this time I was not insured (dangerous I know) and it was difficult to keep students due to the varried locations and weather situations in the midwest. In Jan. 2004 I obtained a space in a local recreation center. They provided everything I needed to begin. (though I already had a couple of mats) this includes insurance.

All of that being said, I would say that a recreation center or ymca would be the best way to go initially starting out. If you are required to travel though you have to make arrangements for practice while you are away simply because you owe that to your students. This is where,if you open a dojo affiliated with your current sensei would be very handy as you could have senior students visit and teach in your absence.

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