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Jim Saba
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Re: Questions on Starting a New Dojo(reply Jim Saba )

I have been teaching classes at a facility here in Deland Fl for one year. I too have been given some thought to opening school, but I do not have the enrollment for that. So I will have to keep offering the classes at there present location until I am in a better position.

When I decided to start the classes here , I received some advice that was useful from my instructor. He made some good points.
1. Don't use your own money unless you are rich.
2. There is quite a bit of over-head with a facility.
3. You will have to have a good enrollment to maintain the school.
4. Make sure that you have adequate insurance so that someone doesn't get you in legal trouble.

It's good that you have some help. That will make a difference.

My instructor stared classes some years ago and it failed. He started them again later and it seems to be holding its own

People are very difficult to manage and to motivate. So its a constant struggle to get people going and stay that way. People talk a good game , but when it comes to action, well that's a different story. If I had all the people who I have encountered that said that they were interested in the classes IN MY class, I could have enough enrollment to open a school.

Good Luck!
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