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Re: One student who doesn't understand

Craig: I wasn't trying to be negative but some students either physically or by demeanor or temperment just do not adapt well to aikido (otherwise all martial artists would be aikidoka). Generally, they come to that conclusion on their own and seek out the art for which they are more suited. One dimensional training can be a problem. However, I have seen some of these students later in their training who cause serious injury to others and probably always will either as seminar bullies or dojo terroists. He may also have a learning disability that makes learning mind body connections and the more intricate movement patterns of aikido next to impossible. More linear activities like throwing a punch or a kick are generally easier to develop. Apparently, the person from what is said in the initial post seems to be able to do the technique yet does it with considerable force and disregard for the uke. That may be more a problem of attitude not comprehension or a total lack of awareness as to what his body is doing. Perhaps letting him experience what he is doing might open his eyes a bit. I generally find that people trying to trash me will change their attitude given the opportunity to experience what their technique felt like . When they complain I simply let them know that their technique felt that way and I don't appreciate it any more than they do.

Perhaps this person would benefit from some awareness exercises in the class where he gets considerable feedback about the amount of force used each and every time.

I'd love everyone doing aikido. I think it would be a better world if they did. However, I have no qualms about taking someone aside and letting them know where I think they are at and suggest alternatives. I have this thing about students getting injured. I have had the unpleasant experience of a significant one (actually via an instructor) and I still pay for it today.
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