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Re: One student who doesn't understand

Larry Murray wrote:
Which leads to the next method I try now and then. I ask that the technique be attempted, but NOT to throw uke to the mat. Rather, get to the point where nage can feel uke's balance/hara is almost to the point where gravity is about to take over.....that has also yeilded some good results....
I quite like this method.

Another idea might be to focus on exercises like tai no henka where this student gets to work with other people but doesn't get too much of a chance
to really hurt them. So he gets to feel how uke reacts.
One exercise I really like for that purpose is what we call "centering exercise":
start like tai no henka but then instead of just the one tenkan you add another tenkan and then cut down/drop you center. This can later be extended to a kokyo nage.

If he is stubborn and doesn't _want_ to get the techniques right it might be helpful to let him feel what it is like to be thrown arround like a rag doll (something I would not try while helping out at a dojo which isn't mine, but I have seen this method work well with one guy)....

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