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Re: One student who doesn't understand

One method I use when a new very strong "eager" student comes to class is as follows.
First, the technique is shown. Then I will be uke. Lets take katate-dori Ikkyo....
I will then grap nage's wrist and tell hi/her to just hold on and relax.
Then I move my body as it would move if nage did the technique. I go through this a few times.
It gives the new student some idea of how his/her body should move.
After a few attempts with this method, I then tell nage to "slowly" try to repeat the movement.
It has worked quite well with most students who are to intent on getting uke to the mat.

Which leads to the next method I try now and then. I ask that the technique be attempted, but NOT to throw uke to the mat. Rather, get to the point where nage can feel uke's balance/hara is almost to the point where gravity is about to take over.....that has also yeilded some good results....

Hope it helps..

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