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Jeff Stallard
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Taking Breakfalls on a Hard Surface

I was doing a little cross-training with a buddy of mine who studies taijutsu, and he wanted to see a breakfall. we were in his basement, so it was a concrete slab with short carpet. No, it wasn't HARD hard, but it was definitely harder than the mats at the dojo. Anyway, I did it it just fine and was surprised that it didn't hurt much. What I could feel were little pinpoint areas of pain where I didn't have my weight distributed correctly (wasn't flat). No, I'm not advocating taking routine breakfalls on a hard surface, but it sure gave me some very important feedback that otherwise would be impossible to get. Let's hope my ukemi improves because of it.

Has anyone else tried a breakfall off of the mats? Did you find it to be a good way to highlight problems in your ukemi?
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