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Marc Kupper
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Re: One student who doesn't understand

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
I need some suggestions to help a student. His physical interpretation of what he is shown / told / gets done to him is to yank uke around like a rag doll, preferably as painfully (to uke) as possible. He says he doesn't understand what he's supposed to be doing. I don't believe there's any malice in his actions, just pure non-comprehension. Having tried (and failed) to teach him visually, telling him what to do, and by having him feel the technique, I have no idea how to help this student. I think that all I can do is try to prevent him from unintentionally hurting the other students. This student has been training (albeit irregularly) for over a year.
We use technique as kata to learn the outer form quite a bit in our dojo too.

Something I thought about when I read "yank uke around like a rag doll, preferably as painfully (to uke) as possible" is that your student may be thinking that you do technique to uke and does not realize it's with uke and that it's uke's job during practice to "stay with the program" and to move in such a way that a nage moving with him will end up performing the desired technique.

Besides solo kata a thought is to do partnered techniques either no touch or finger light touch. For example, a class could do a round of shomen uchi ikkyo as uke's roll (solo), then as nage's role (solo), and then paired (no touch or feather light).

You did not say how irregular this student's practice is but that's also a consideration. The guys that pop in irregularly where I practice do also tend to be far behind, development wise, compared to how long they have been dojo members.
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