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Re: Female uke

I have a tendency to give smaller female nages attacks which are as sincere as with larger male counterparts. If they are still struggling with the technique, of course, then I tone it down as much as necessary.

But... too many people just give women the fake,slow, lifeless attacks, CONSTANTLY, thus jeopardizing their ability to react to a real attack if such is to occur at some point in their life.
The physics are very different.

Of course, slow motion training is very important as long as both uke and nage comply to the laws of "slowed down physics" in this mode. It helps to feel how the movement should go.

But, everyone needs to experience fast, energetic attacks which are delivered with a semblance of balance. The world doesnt magically soften up if you're a woman.
When you're giving a smaller-framed female an impression that she can "block" your shomen strike, while in fact, it can drive through her "block" like knife through butter, you're jeopardizing her learning.
She needs to learn to deal with attacks which cannot be stopped.
She needs to modify her "irimi nage" response in a way which allows her to do the technique with a superior-strength attack without trying to put up a direct block.

Often this energy that is given to them can be quite a present and enable them to REALLY throw the uke, using his own energy.
With slow "pity" attacks that is not possible.

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